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Survey on the Korean MCS Systems and Development Issues (국내 MCS 시스템 현황 및 발전 방향)

  • Kim, Geon-Ung;Park, Gyei-Kark;Choi, Jo-Cheon
    • Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering
    • /
    • v.13 no.10
    • /
    • pp.2019-2029
    • /
    • 2009
  • There are several MCS(Monitoring, Control and Surveillance) systems for maritime safety and security in Korea; VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) that based on the AIS(Automatic Identification System), and the LRIT(Long-Range Identification and Tracking), the Vessel Free Pass System that based on the RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification), the Fisheries Information Network that provided by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives. This paper surveys the fundamental technologies of MCS systems, and compares the role and function of them. It also surveys the development direction of each systems and research topics for cooperation of them.