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Design and Implementation of Apparel Product Support System based on SOA Environment (SOA 환경 기반의 의류 생산지원 시스템 설계 및 구현)

  • Han, Jong-Jin;Choi, Dong-Oun;Song, Hang-Suk
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.8 no.4
    • /
    • pp.1-9
    • /
    • 2008
  • SOA sorts function of old applications by function unit that have business meaning, and through standard call interface, do orchestration by component unit of service. System that developed in this paper predicts production point of time when order with frugality of production raw material. And reduce original register resources purchase expense and production costs in proper stock and increase company's competitive power. Also, design and implementation production management system for many species small quantity production of SOA base that reflect this analyzing correctly company's manufacturing process and original register resources supply and demand present condition.

An optimal inventory management system for high-rise building -Focused on Re-bar Works- (초고층 건축공사의 특수성을 고려한 최적 자재 재고 관리 방안에 관한 연구 -철근공사를 중심으로-)

  • Kim, Geun-Hwan;Lee, Su-Hwan;Yun, Jung-Suk;Park, Kyung-Mo;Kim, Chang-Duk
    • KIEAE Journal
    • /
    • v.13 no.1
    • /
    • pp.151-157
    • /
    • 2013
  • Since high-rise building construction sites are usually located in crowded city areas, sufficient spaces for the inventories of key materials are rarely available. This spatial constraints have been one of the critical challenge that may cause productivity loss and increasing costs of the high-rise building construction projects. The proper material inventory management is certaing a key to the success of high-rise building construction projects as it handles difficulty of securing material stock yards, changes in demands, uncertain delivery time through integrating the construction schedules and actively responding to the key materials attributes. In this light, this research analyzes the latest inventory model, (Q,r) model, in accordance with the high rise building characteristics. This research suggests an optimal inventory management of re-bar considering various demands and lead times. The case study is also presented with regard to the re-bar inventory management.

Optimal Inventory Management for Rebar Fabrication Process in Construction Process (건설현장 철근작업 프로세스상의 적정 자재재고 관리 방안에 관한 연구)

  • Jung, Do-Young;Park, Sang-Hyuk;Kwak, Soo-Nam;Kim, Hyoung-Kwan;Han, Seung-Heon
    • Proceedings of the Korean Institute Of Construction Engineering and Management
    • /
    • /
    • pp.702-707
    • /
    • 2006
  • There have been certain extent of material inventory in construction site because of difficulties in ordering by small quantity, strategy of securing future requirements and prevention of delay. However, carrying these inventory entails a financial cost called inventory holding cost and decrease construction productivity, so proper inventory management in construction industry is important for construction efficiency and cost reduction. This study tries to find analytical method of inventory management. It includes ordering decision which decide how much to order and when to order. Setting these strategies including deciding safety inventory, input and ouput variability are able to controled.

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