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International Ocean Issues and Policy Regime (국제 해양환경안전 이슈와 정책레짐 변화)

  • Choi Sung-Doo
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety
    • /
    • v.12 no.2
    • /
    • pp.115-123
    • /
    • 2006
  • The policy regime of ocean is changed from ocean liberty paradigm to ocean management paradigm. Ocean resources have the characteristics of weak excludability and strong rivalry. Therefore, they need rational ocean management so as to curb the tragedy of commons. The important ocean issues and policy regimes today is ocean pollution, coastal management, sea-level rise, fishery, whaling, ocean jurisdictions, deep seabed resources, military security, piracy, ecological environmental security and so on. This paper aims at reviewing these major international ocean issues, the policy regimes for them, and the desirable tasks of ocean policy regimes in the future from the macro perspective of international ocean politics or policy-making.

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