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Contact Analysis on a Born-Holder Assembly for Wire Bonding (와이어 본더용 Horn-Holder Assembly의 접촉 해석)

  • Jang, Chang-Soo;Ahn, Geun-Sik;Kim, Young-Joon;Kwak, Dong-Ok;Boo, Seong-Woon
    • Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers A
    • /
    • v.26 no.10
    • /
    • pp.2008-2017
    • /
    • 2002
  • Joint structure of a transducer horn-holder assembly fur a wire bonder was examined through FEM contact analysis. A three dimensional modeling and analysis was carried out to survey the internal physics of this structure and to prove the accuracy of a computation compared to a measurement. After validation, a simple two dimensional model was built fur various parametric study considering the efficiency and speed of the computation. Several factors such as boundary conditions, a modeling boundary, mesh density and so on, were considered to obtain consistency with three dimensional analysis. An arc angle and a position of each holder boss were chosen as design parameters. A design of experiment was applied to find out an optimized design of the holder geometry. As a result, a guideline for holder boss design was suggested and main factors and their influence on stress concentration in the transducer horn were surveyed.