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The Influence of Frequency on Wayside Transmitter of ATP System upon Reinforcing Bars in Concrete Slab Track (콘크리트 슬래브궤도에서 ATP시스템 지상자의 주파수가 철근에 미치는 영향)

  • Kim, Min-Seok;Lee, Jong-Woo;Ko, Jun-Seog
    • Proceedings of the KSR Conference
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    • pp.691-706
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    • 2008
  • ATP(Automatic Train Protection) system in railway signaling system is the important one grasping the position and velocity of a train. The wayside transmitter of ATP system is installed between rails. In concrete slab track, the signal current using wayside transmitter of ATP system is influenced by reinforcing bars. The magnetic coupling between reinforcing bars and wayside transmitter of ATP system as a filter makes an input current distorted. So, it makes an alternating current signal with a desirable size not transmit to on-board system of a train. Way to decrease the distortion of an input current signal frequency is to avoid maximum induction current frequency. And the induction phenomenon between reinforcing bars insulated and wayside transmitter of ATP system does not occur. In this paper, we represent the model about wayside transmitter of ATP system and reinforcing bars on the concrete slab tracks, and calculated the parameters demanded for the model. Also, we demonstrated it through the Maxwell program. Furthermore, we calculated impedance on wayside transmitter used in KVB system and ERTMS/ETCS system which are a kind of ATP system, frequency response of induction current, using the Matlab, and demonstrated the validity of it, using the PSpice program.

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