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Synthesis of (Gd0.74Y0.11Tb0.15P1.15)OδPhosphors Using Combinatorial Chemistry (조합화학을 이용한 (Gd0.74Y0.11Tb0.15P1.15)Oδ 형광체 합성 및 발광특성)

  • 이재문;유정곤;박덕현;김지식;손기선
    • Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society
    • /
    • v.41 no.5
    • /
    • pp.381-387
    • /
    • 2004
  • Recently developed Plasma Display Panels (PDP) require phosphors of high luminance at Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) excitation. The present investigation developed new PDP phosphors using combinatorial chemistry method. We applied T $b^{3+}$ -activated yttrium gadolinium phosphates system to our combinatorial fine-tuning technique. As a result, the optimum composition was determined to be (G $d_{0.74}$ $Y_{0.11}$T $b_{0.15}$) $P_{1.15}$ $O_{\delta}$ through the two-step combinatorial screening process including excess phosphorous and Gd replacement. We found that the sample of the optimum composition shows a higher luminescence efficiency at VUV excitation and a shorter decay time than the commercially available Z $n_2$ $SiO_4$:Mn phosphor.