• Title, Summary, Keyword: Computer-assisted molecular design (CAMD)

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Development of new agrochemicals by quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) methodology. III. 3D QSAR methodologies and computer-assisted molecular design (CAMD) (정량적인 구조-활성상관 (QSAR) 기법에 의한 새로운 농약의 개발. III. 3D QSAR 기법들과 컴퓨터를 이용한 분자설계(CAMD))

  • Sung, Nack-Do
    • The Korean Journal of Pesticide Science
    • /
    • v.7 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-11
    • /
    • 2003
  • Acoording to improvement of HTOS (high throughput organic synthesis) and HTS (high throughput screening) technique, the CoMFA (comparative molecular field analysis), CoMSIA (comparative molecular similarity indeces analysis) and molecular HQSAR (hologram quantitative structure-activity relationship) analysis techniques as methodology of computer assisted molecular design (CAMD) were introduced generally and summarized for some application cases.