• Title/Summary/Keyword: Development of curriculum framework for entrepreneurship

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Development of Curriculum Framework for Entrepreneurship of Youth (청소년 기업가정신 교육과정 틀(Framework) 개발)

  • Kang, Kyoung Kyoon
    • Journal of vocational education research
    • /
    • v.36 no.4
    • /
    • pp.79-102
    • /
    • 2017
  • The purpose of this study was to develop curriculum framework for entrepreneurship development for adolescents. In order to achieve this goal, we studied and developed entrepreneurship semantics, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship education contents. This study was developed through Delphi survey. The results of this study were as follows. First, the meaning of entrepreneurship is Innovative mind-set to create true value by experience into life in order to pursue 'self full-filling life' as the organizer of life. Second, the nature of entrepreneurship education for youth is that entrepreneurship education aims to find and solve new problems through self-management to young people who will lead the future, and to create dynamic challenges and creative changes to create innovative values. Leadership skills, challenging spirit, and ability to solve practical problems'. Third, we developed a general goal for youth and elementary, middle and high school goal for entrepreneurship education. Fourth, as a domain of entrepreneurship education, we have developed 'core discovery', 'entrepreneurial skills', 'becoming an entrepreneur' and developed key themes. Based on the results of this study, we developed a systematic entrepreneurship education linkage and educational condition creation for young people outside schools; entrepreneurship program application and educational condition development according to the operation of the free-learning semester system; the strengthening of business start-up support for youth in late adolescence, the establishment of measures to utilize related institutions in local communities and others.