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Determination of Molding Conditions of Double-Shot Injection Mold for the Computer Mouse via Three-Dimensional Injection Molding Analysis (3 차원 사출성형 해석을 통한 컴퓨터 마우스 제작용 이중사출성형 금형의 공정조건 결정)

  • Ahn, Dong-Gyu;Park, Min-Woo;Park, Jeong-Woo;Kim, Hyung-Su
    • Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers A
    • /
    • v.35 no.12
    • /
    • pp.1619-1625
    • /
    • 2011
  • The objective of this study determine the molding conditions of a double-shot injection mold for fabricating a computer mouse using different materials, by performing three-dimensional injection molding analysis. In order to select the optical injection molding conditions, the effects of the injection time, the maximum injection pressure, the effect of packing time on the injection molding characteristics, and the product qualities were quantitatively examined. From the results of the injection molding analysis, the optimal injection molding conditions of the double-shot injection mold, which leads the molded product to the minimized shrinkage and deflection, were estimated. The results of the injection molding experiments, showed that an appropriate computer mouse can be fabricated using different materials when the identified optimal injection molding conditions are adopted.