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Dual Mode Phase-Shifted ZVS-PWM Series Load Resonant High-Frequency Inverter for Induction Heating Super Heated Steamer

  • Hisayuki Sugimura;Hidekazu Muraoka;Tarek Ahmed;Srawouth Chandhaket;Eiji Hiraki;Mutsuo Nakaoka;Lee, Hyun-Woo
    • Journal of Power Electronics
    • /
    • v.4 no.3
    • /
    • pp.138-151
    • /
    • 2004
  • In this paper, a constant frequency phase shifting PWM-controlled voltage source full bridge-type series load resonant high-frequency inverter using the $4^{th}$ generation IGBT power modules is presented for innovative consumer electromagnetic induction heating applications, such as a hot water producer, steamer and super heated steamer. The bridge arm side link passive capacitive snubbers in parallel with each power semiconductor device and AC load side linked active edge inductive snubber-assisted series load resonant tank soft switching inverter with a constant frequency phase shifted PWM control scheme is evaluated and discussed on the basis of the simulation and experimental results. It is proved from a practical point of view that the series load resonant and edge resonant hybrid high-frequency inverter topology, what is called, DE class type, including the variable-power variable-frequency regulation function can expand zero voltage soft switching commutation area even under low output power setting ranges, which is more suitable and acceptable for newly developed induction heated dual pack fluid heaters. Furthermore, even the lower output power regulation mode of this high-frequency load resonant tank inverter circuit is verified so that this inverter can achieve ZVS with the aid of the single auxiliary inductor snubber.