• Title/Summary/Keyword: Effects of acid rain

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Effects of Simulated Acid Rain on Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Ginkgo biloba L. Seedlings and on Chemical Properties of the Tested Soil -II. Leaf Surface Area, Visible Leaf Injury, Leaf Chlorophyll Content and Photosynthetic Ability of the Leaf Tissue (인공산성우(人工酸性雨)가 은행(銀杏)나무(Ginkgo biloba L.) 유묘(幼苗)의 생장(生長), 생리적(生理的) 특성(特性) 및 토양(土壤)의 화학적(化學的) 성질(性質)에 미치는 영향(影響) -II. 엽면적(葉面積), 가시적(可視的) 엽피해(葉被害), 엽록소함량(葉綠素含量) 및 엽조직(葉組織)의 광합성능(光合成能))

  • Kim, Gab Tae
    • Journal of Korean Society of Forest Science
    • /
    • v.76 no.3
    • /
    • pp.230-240
    • /
    • 1987
  • Half-sib seedlings of Ginkgo biloba (one-year-old) were treated with various simulated acid rains(pH2.0, pH3.0, pH4.0 and pH5.0) to examine the effects of acid rain on leaf surface area, leaf injury, leaf chlorophyll content and photosynthetic ability of the leaf tissue. The seedlings were grown in a pot($4500cm^3$) containing one of three different soils(nurseryy soil, mixed soil and sandy soil). Simulated acid rain was made by diluting sulfuric and nitric acid solution($H_2SO_4:HNO_3=3:1$, V/V) with tap water and tap water(pH6.4), and treated by 5mm each time for three minutes during the growing seasons(April to October 1985). Acid rain treatments were done three times per week to potted seedlings by spraying the solutions. The results obtained in this study were as follows : 1. Leaf surface area per seedling at pH2.0 level was the lowest among the levels of pH, but those at other pH levels were not significantly different. 2. Leaf injury(injured leaf rate and injured leaf area) increased with decreasing pH levels of acid rain. 3. Leaf chlorophyll content measured during the period June through October was significantly different among the soil types, and that of the seedling in nursery soil was the highest. The lower pH levels of simulated acid rain was treated ; more leaf chlorophyll content was measured at the beginning of treatment, and the more it severely decreased at the late growing period. 4. Photosyntetic abilities, and the highest value was shown in nursery soil. Significand difference in photosynthetic ability among the levels of pH was observed only in August. Photosynthetic ability increased with decreasing pH levels at the beginning of treatment, but decreased rapidly after July.

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