• Title, Summary, Keyword: Engineering ethics across the Living

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A Search for Directions in Engineering Education Development in a Knowledge-Based Society in Terms of Engineering Ethics Education: An Exploration of Ethics Across the Living Beyond Ethics Across the Curriculum (지식기반사회 공학교육의 발전방향 탐색: EAC를 넘어 EAL로)

  • Pyun, Kyung-Hee;Song, Dong-Joo
    • Journal of Engineering Education Research
    • /
    • v.14 no.2
    • /
    • pp.68-75
    • /
    • 2011
  • The purpose of this research is to search for directions in engineering education development in a knowledge-based society in terms of 'engineering ethics educatio'. Engineering ethics education, having been recognized as an inter-disciplinary research field between engineering and philosophy, is a field that has been a major issue in countries that execute engineering education accreditation. And engineering ethics education has been a peculiar research field focused on EAC(Ethics across the Curriculum). Therefore, this study has deduced several results by critically reviewing the extant EAC-related literatures. First, accomplishments by various researchers that may well quoted as the leader of engineering ethics study and education or the educational achievements of Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan are considerably substantial. However, the EAC discussions thus far still raise numerous barriers and unsolved issues. Second, the discussion of EAC thus far comprehends limitations such as a shortage of the recognition of inter-disciplinary study in the field of education and insufficient participation by education majors. Third, the engineering and philosophy field experts who have been leading EAC discussions have been pursuing integrated education courses either consciously or unconsciously. Fourth, EAC discussions may expand by again illuminating the intent of integrated education courses in terms of 'education and the study of education', and this new facet can be summed up with a new term, EAL, which stands for 'Ethics across the Living.'