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Development of Water-Resistant O/W Emulsion-Typed Sunscreening Cosmetics through Triblock Polymeric Surfactant-Mediated Re-emulsification Inhibition (삼중블록 고분자 계면활성제의 재유화 억제 기능을 이용한 지속내수성 O/W 에멀젼형 자외선 차단용 화장품 개발)

  • Lee, Ji Hyun;Hong, Sung Yun;Lee, Jin Yong;An, So Youn;Lee, Hyo Jin;Kim, Sung Yong;Lee, Jun Bae;Kim, Jin Woong;Shin, Kyounghee
    • Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea
    • /
    • v.45 no.2
    • /
    • pp.199-208
    • /
    • 2019
  • This study reports water-resistant oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion-based sunscreening formulations prepared using a poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(${\varepsilon}$-caprolactone)-poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG-PCL-PEG) triblock polymeric surfactant. As a result of a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as swimming and hiking, consumer needs for development of advanced water-resistant sunscreen formulations are increasing. Water-resistant sunscreens are mostly based on water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions, because they should not be wiped off by water or sweat. However, the W/O emulsion formulations have a disadvantage in that the feeling of use is oily and difficult to remove. On the other hand, the O/W emulsion formulations are excellent in achieving the better skin feel as well as the easier removal. However, it is difficult to provide the O/W emulsion formulations with the water-repelling performance, since re-emulsification likely occurs upon getting touch with water. To solve this problem, this study proposes a O/W emulsion-based sunscreen formulation, a triblock polymeric surfactant having relatively high interfacial tension HLB value (~ 10). This allows the sunscreen formulations to exhibit the improved water repellence function by preventing their re-emulsification. The sunscreen formation system prepared in this study would be useful for diversification of functional sunscreen products, taking advantages of its excellent emulsion stability, UV protection performance, long lasting water-resistant function and selective cleansing effect with only foam cleanser.