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Development of Evaluation Method of Regional Contractility of Left Ventricle Using Gated Myocardial SPECT and Assessment of Reproducibility (게이트 심근 SPECT를 이용한 좌심실의 국소탄성률 평가방법 개발 및 재현성 평가)

  • Lee, Byeong-Il;Lee, Dong-Soo;Lee, Jae-Sung;Kang, Won-Jun;Chung, June-Key;Lee, Myung-Chul;Choi, Heung-Kook
    • The Korean Journal of Nuclear Medicine
    • /
    • v.37 no.6
    • /
    • pp.355-363
    • /
    • 2003
  • Purpose: Regional contractility can be calculated using the regional volume change of left ventricle measured by gated myocardial SPECT image and curve of central artery pressure obtained from radial artery pressure data. In this study, a program to obtain the regional contractility was developed, and reproducibility of regional contractility measurement was assessed. Materials and Methods: Seven patients(male:female=5:2, $58{\pm}11.9$ years) with coronary artery diseases underwent gated Tc-99m MIBI myocardial SPECT twice without delay between two scans. Regional volume change of left ventricle was estimated using CSA (Cardiac SPECT Analyzer) software developed in this study. Regional contractility was iteratively estimated from the time-elastance curve obtained using the time-pressure curve and regional time-volume curve. Reproducibility of regional contractility measurement assessed by comparing the contractility values measured twice from the same SPECT data and by comparing those measured from the pair of SPECT data obtained from a same patient. Results: Measured regional contractility was $3.36{\pm}3.38{mm}Hg/mL$ using 15-segment model, $3.16{\pm}2.25{mm}Hg/mL$ using 7-segment model, and $3.11{\pm}2.57{mm}Hg/mL$ using 5-segment model. The harmonic average of regional contractility value was almost identical to the global contractility. Correlation coefficient of regional contractility values measured twice from the same data was greater than 0.97 for all models, and two standard deviations of contractility difference on Bland Altman plot were 1.5%, 1.0%, and 0.9% for 15-, 7-, and 5-segment models, respectively. Correlation coefficient of regional contractility values measured from the pair of SPECT data obtained from a same patient was greater than 0.95 for all models, and two standard deviations on Bland Altman plot were 2.2%, 1.0%, and 1.2%. Conclusion: Regional contractility of left ventricle measured using developed software in this study was reproducible. Regional contractility of left ventricle will be a new useful index for myocardial function after analysis of the clinical data.

A Study on Jo Guimyeong's observation method and rhetoric of style of writing (조귀명이 제시한 정관(靜觀)의 관찰 방법과 골계(滑稽)의 수사(修辭))

  • Kim, Kwang seub
    • (The)Study of the Eastern Classic
    • /
    • no.72
    • /
    • pp.35-66
    • /
    • 2018
  • This thesis has examined Jo Guimyeong's observation method and rhetoric of style of writing style. He tried to look at the world differently through observation and expressed relationship with the world through the style of comic. $J{\breve{o}}nggwan$ is a new way of looking at subjects and objects. It trust the senses and thoughts of the subject. So It is to clarify the circumstances and logic of the world from one's own point of view. In this case, it collides with the common thinking of the day. He put the reason and the action standard in the "taste" and the "mind". This means three things. First, he is proud that his reasons and actions are no different from those of a saint. Second, an individual is an independent being with different emotions and thoughts. Third, based on this, his works of literature have their own value. These reasons and actions were incarnated through '$J{\breve{o}}nggwan$(靜觀)'s observation methods. What he gained from the three stages of $J{\breve{o}}nggwan$(靜觀)' is the 'great mind'. The first step is self-reflection. It is the process of objectifying oneself. The second target is the appearance of things. It's about looking at everything equally, whether it's precious or vulgar. The third object of observation is a harmonic. He is joining the movement of the harmonizers. Therefore, one's own reasons, actions, and works of literature share the same meaning as those of a harmonizer. He said that the description can change according to his own knowledge. It means that you can fit the situation. A typical example was the analysis of 'Sung Bo hyung hwasangchan'<成甫兄畵像贊>. He described Park Moon-soo's life as the lives of officials through comic. Through this, He criticized Park Moon-soo's natural nature of the academic world. but the situation in which he can't escape from bureaucratic life by inducing laughter. This style of writing is one of the most representative features which was written by Jo Guimyeong writer.

Counseling Case Study of a Child with Peer Confliction due to Lack of Social Skills and Impulsiveness (사회적 기술 부족과 충동성으로 인해 또래갈등이 심한 분교아동의 상담사례)

  • Lee, In-Sun
    • The Korean Journal of Elementary Counseling
    • /
    • v.5 no.1
    • /
    • pp.227-253
    • /
    • 2006
  • It seems common for students living at a small county and islands to experience psychological conflicts and be unaccustomed in the peer society because they are not familiar with peer interaction and social skills. This is a case study of L (hereinafter called L) who was grown up in the sheltered school at a small county. L was psychologically disturbed because he couldn't get along well in the transferred school. It is the reason why he had lived in the sheltered school at a small county, so he had not enough exposure to interact with peer and social skills. Sometimes he was obstinate irrationally and when he had trouble with friends, he threw something out or went out of school and tricked juniors dangerously. The fact of disperse with families, parent's indifference, and hate of older brother made L to have ill feeling against family. He had low motivation and low self confident in learning because of short attention time and accumulated poor learning progress. In this study, he was evaluated at various area, such as, intelligent, affective, personal and inter-personal, before counselling. To evaluated the effect of the counselling, K-WISC-III, KPRC, sentence filling test, social adaptation ability test, etc, were administered right after the counselling was over and 8 weeks later. For specific information gathering and analysing, observation diary and deepen counselling were accomplished by homeroom teacher, his mother, and his peers. To correct his problematic behaviors, 13 counseling sessions were accomplished for 6 months and those counselling sessions were recorded and analysed definitely. Followings are the result of this case study. First, he was recovered from the anxiety of inter-personal interaction and he started to interact with peers. The result of sac scale score of KPRC profile was lower than before as much as average student after counseling and 8 weeks later. This reveals that the distress against interpersonal relation have settled. Especially, through the result of sentence filing test, he seemed to feel attachment to peers and be positive, active in the relation of peer. For instance, he was active in the open class lesson and interacted well with peers. It could be said that he overcame the psychological distress comparing with previous time. Second, he could apologize to his peer and juniors for his fault. His attitude were well shown in the letter from an old friend at the sheltered school, average KPRC profiling score comparing with previous counseling time, and remarkable decrease of attack scale score of teacher and peer. Third, his view toward family turn out positive. He recognized his situation that he lived apart from family and even worried about his parent's financial difficulty. Through solving the confliction with his older brother, he could acquire the feeling of family reunion. Fourth, his learning motivation and self-confidence were increased. He confirmed his future positively and he might be judged more attentive because his intelligence index was higher than before as much as average student. With the main goal of this study, verification for effectiveness of counseling. understanding and helping problematic students such as L who lives at a small county and island through investigation of their real situation and problems with the method of counseling and socio-cultural analysis is worthwhile. Identification of ideal relationship with peer is related with positive self-conception, harmonic social adaptation and development of child. It is time to investigate easy adaptive in classroom and well-organised program to acquire general social skills for sheltered school students at a small county and islands.

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A Study on the Direction of Restoration for Baegun-dong Garden in Gangjin through a Diachronic Interpretation of the Prototype Scenery (통시적 원형경관 해석을 통해 본 강진 백운동 원림의 복원 방향)

  • Ha, Hye-Kyung;So, Hyun-Su
    • Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture
    • /
    • v.45 no.3
    • /
    • pp.116-128
    • /
    • 2017
  • In this study, the original scenery of Baegun-dong Garden in Gangjin was compared with that of the reconstructed site to suggest directions for restoration in the future. The diachronic prototype scenery of the Baegun-dong Garden was derived by integrating the elements of the original and contemporary prototype sceneries from the old poetry series. The old poetry series is comprised of "Baegun-dong 8Yeong(詠)" by Lee Damro(李聃老), "Baegun-dong 10Su(首)" by Song Ikhwi(宋翼輝), "Baegun-dong 12Gyeong (景)" by Jeong Yakyong(丁若鏞), and "Baegun-dong 14Gyeong" by Lee Siheon (李時憲). Guidance for directions for future restoration was suggested through a comparative analysis between the diachronic prototype scenery of Baegun-dong Garden and the current scenery of the restored site. The research result is as follows. First, the prototype scenery of Baegun-dong Garden was a harmonic view composed of the camellia forest road, 'Baegun-dong' the letter carved on a rock, a cliff 'Changhabyeok(蒼霞壁)' the red letter written by Jeong Yakyong, paulownia trees, waterfalls and a maple forest. Outside the Byeolseo(別墅), there were a red plum blossom forest, a pine forest, and a bamboo forest, as well as the view of Okpanbong(玉版峯) from Jeongseondae(停仙臺). In the yard, there were Chwimiseonbang(翠微禪房), Jug-gak(竹閣), Pyeongsang(榻), a lotus Bangji(方池), Gogsugeo(曲水渠) and Hwagye(花階). Cranes were even raised in the yard. Second, comparing the diachronic prototype scenery of Baegun-dong Garden with its restored site, following a restoration guide is suggested. There should be more water flow in Baegun-dong Valley and Jug-gak should be restored. 'Changhabyeok' the red letter should be carved on the stone wall. Trees should be controlled for a better view of Okpanbong from Jeongseondae. More trees and plants, such as red plum blossom, pine tree, paulownia trees, azaleas(映山紅), chrysanthemum, orchid, daffodil, and lotus should be planted in the yard. A system of integrated guide boards is also required for effective information transmission for visitors.