• Title, Summary, Keyword: Initial tunnel arch settlement rate

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Relations between Initial Displacement Rate and Final Displacement of Arch Settlement and Convergence of a Shallow Tunnel (저심도 터널의 천단침하 및 내공변위의 초기변위속도와 최종변위의 관계)

  • Kim, Cheehwan
    • Tunnel and Underground Space
    • /
    • v.23 no.2
    • /
    • pp.110-119
    • /
    • 2013
  • It is generalized to measure the arch settlement and convergence during tunnel construction for monitoring its mechanical stability. The initial convergence rate a day is defined from the first convergence measurement and the final convergence defined as the convergence measured lastly. The initial and the final tunnel arch settlement are defined like the preceding convergence. In the study, the relations between the initial and final displacements of a shallow tunnel are analyzed. The measurements were performed in the tunnel of subway 906 construction site in Seoul. The overburden is 10-20 m and the tunnel goes through weathered soil/rock. The width and height of the tunnel are about 11.5 m, 10m, respectively. So this is a shallow tunnel in weak rock. The length of tunnel is about 1,820 m and the tunnel was constructed in 2 stages, dividing upper and lower half. The numbers of measurement locations of arch settlement and convergence are 184 and 258, respectively. As a result, the initial displacement rate and the final displacement are comparatively larger in the section of weathered soil.