• Title, Summary, Keyword: Lunar Irradiance Effect Correction

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Correction of Lunar Irradiation Effect and Change Detection Using Suomi-NPP Data (VIIRS DNB 영상의 달빛 영향 보정 및 변화 탐지)

  • Lee, Boram;Lee, Yoon-Kyung;Kim, Donghan;Kim, Sang-Wan
    • Korean Journal of Remote Sensing
    • /
    • v.35 no.2
    • /
    • pp.265-278
    • /
    • 2019
  • Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day/Night Band (DNB) data help to enable rapid emergency responses through detection of the artificial and natural disasters occurring at night. The DNB data without correction of lunar irradiance effect distributed by Korea Ocean Science Center (KOSC) has advantage for rapid change detection because of direct receiving. In this study, radiance differences according to the phase of the moon was analyzed for urban and mountain areas in Korean Peninsula using the DNB data directly receiving to KOSC. Lunar irradiance correction algorithm was proposed for the change detection. Relative correction was performed by regression analysis between the selected pixels considering the land cover classification in the reference DNB image during the new moon and the input DNB image. As a result of daily difference image analysis, the brightness value change in urban area and mountain area was ${\pm}30$ radiance and below ${\pm}1$ radiance respectively. The object based change detection was performed after the extraction of the main object of interest based on the average image of time series data in order to reduce the matching and geometric error between DNB images. The changes in brightness occurring in mountainous areas were effectively detected after the calibration of lunar irradiance effect, and it showed that the developed technology could be used for real time change detection.