• Title/Summary/Keyword: Mechanical engineering

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Microfactory for Electro-Chemical Machining (마이크로 전기${\cdot}$화학 복합형상 제거시스템)

  • Lee H.W.;Kook K.H.;Kim K.W.;Kim T.G.;Ryu B.H.;Jung J.W.;Han M.S.;Jung Y.H.;Min B.K.;Lee S.J.
    • Proceedings of the Korean Society of Machine Tool Engineers Conference
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    • pp.389-394
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    • 2005
  • Microfactory is effective method for machining micro size component. Electro-chemical machining can be more suitable to a microfactory than other machining methods in terms of maintaining high accuracy. Surface profile of EDM Machined component is predicted by micro EDM simulation using superpositioning spark crater. Planar motor and micro pump are developed to construct microfactory system.

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