• Title, Summary, Keyword: PAPR and SDM

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A SDM Method for the PAPR Reduction in the OFDM Communication System (OFDM 통신방식에서 PAPR 감소를 위한 SDM 방식)

  • 유호진;유흥균
    • The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science
    • /
    • v.14 no.3
    • /
    • pp.244-252
    • /
    • 2003
  • In this paper, we propose a new subblock division method(SDM) for PAPR reduction in the OFDM communication system. The SDM divides the OFDM symbol into the several subblocks. If the PAPR is high, the some of the data subblocks are replaced by the dummy zero padding blocks. We propose SDM 1 and SDM 2 according to the structure. Even though the transmission efficiency may be partially lowered, the proposed SDM can considerably reduce the computational burden while maintaining similar PAPR reduction performance, compared with the PTS which is known to be the best in the conventional methods.