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Phosphate solubilizing effect by two paraburkholderia bacteria Isolated from button mushroom medium (양송이배지로부터 분리한 두 Paraburkholderia 속 세균에 의한 인산가용화 효과)

  • Yu, Hye-Jin;Yoon, Min-Ho
    • Journal of Mushroom
    • /
    • v.17 no.2
    • /
    • pp.64-69
    • /
    • 2019
  • The present study was conducted to investigate the synergistic effects caused by single and co-inoculation of the phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB), Paraburkholderia phenazinium YH3 and Paraburkholderia metrosideri YH4. Phosphate solubilization was assessed by measuring the phosphorus contents for 7 days in a single and co-inoculation medium. Co-inoculation of the two strains was found to release the highest content of soluble phosphorus ($1,250{\mu}g\;mL^{-1}$) into the medium, followed by the single inoculation of P. metrosideri YH4 ($1196.59{\mu}g\;mL^{-1}$) and P. phenazinium YH3 ($994.34{\mu}g\;mL^{-1}$). The highest pH reduction, organic acid production and glucose consumption was also observed in the co-inoculation medium of the two strains. A plant growth promotion bioassay revealed that co-inoculation with the two strains enhanced the growth of romaine lettuce more than single inoculation with either of the two strains (28.5% for leaf and 16.6% for root). Although there was no significant difference between single and co-inoculation of bacterial strains in terms of phosphorous release and plant growth, the synergistic effects of co-inoculation with PSB could be beneficial for crop growth.