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An Improved Analytical Method for the Determination of Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristics of Di- and Trisaccharides in Honey using GC and GC/MS (GC 및 GC/MS에 의한 벌꿀 중의 이·삼당류 정성 및 정량 특성과 개선된 동시분석방법의 확립)

  • Kim, Jong-Bae;Jang, Eun-Suk;Kim, In-Suk;Lee, Hee-Jin;Lee, Hye-Jeong;Seo, Hyun-Sun;Park, Nam-Pyo
    • Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology
    • /
    • v.47 no.1
    • /
    • pp.27-36
    • /
    • 2015
  • The improved analytical method with gas chromatography (GC) and GC-mass spectrometry was established to identify and quantify disaccharides and trisacchrides in honey. In this method, the analysis of trimethylsilyl (TMS), TMS-oxime and TMS-methoxime sugars takes into account the determination of a single peak of complete separation on the chromatogram. The number of possible peaks for the qualitative and quantitative determination of TMS, TMS-oxime, and TMS-methoxime sugars was 17, 22, and 25, respectively. This new analytical method allowed for the determination of diand trisaccharides in honey by TMS-oxime and TMS-methoxime derivatives. This study suggested that the improved method is more suitable and precise than the other analytical methods for the simultaneous determination of sugars in honey.