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First Experience: Citizens' Perception, Participation, and Evaluation of the New Legislative Electoral System in Taiwan

  • Yu, Ching-Hsin
    • Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research
    • /
    • v.1 no.1
    • /
    • pp.61-64
    • /
    • 2013
  • In 2008, Taiwan adopted a new mixed member system which is significantly different from the long-implemented SNTV-MMD system for the election of legislators. The new system cuts the number of legislative seats from 225 to 113, extends legislators' terms of office from three years to four, and most importantly, adopts a new mixed-member majoritarian (MMM) electoral system to replace the SNTV system for legislative elections. The election of legislators in 2008 was the first time that this new mixed electoral system was implemented in Taiwan. Mainstream literature continues to discuss the electoral impact on political parties and candidates by the new system while citizens' knowledge of the new system and its concomitant effects on citizens' behavior receive less attention. Worse still, almost all of the literature assumes that voters were fully aware of the operation and impact of the new electoral system and cast their ballots wisely. The purpose of this paper is to explore citizen's perceptions, participation and evaluation of this new system.

A Study on the Standard Preparation for Cab Design of EMU with the 180km/h of Maximum Speed (180km/h급 간선형 전기동차 운전실 설계기준 마련 연구)

  • Lhim, Jea-Eun;Jung, Do-Won;Kim, Chi-Tae
    • Proceedings of the KSR Conference
    • /
    • /
    • pp.1229-1234
    • /
    • 2009
  • The rolling stocks of KORAIL are KTX, Saemaulho Multiple Unit(PP), New Electrical Locomotive(DL), Electrical Locomotive(EL), Diesel Locomotive, Metropolitan Commuter Train(CDC), VVVF and Resistance Controlled Multiple Unit, etc. EMU with the maximum speed of 150km/h is under the test run at the moment. Electrical Multiple Units for mainlines with 180km/h speed are supposed to be introduced as a substitute for Saemaulho Multiple Unit which is scheduled to be out of service. But the specification standard for the control board design of train driver's cab does not exist and there is no a study for layout and type of controlling device with driver's ergonomical approach. That's why the types of controller and operating are different from rolling stocks, which has high possibility of driver's human error and needs education whenever a new car comes in. Based on the opinion poll of drivers, design specification of safety engineering and ergonomics for controlling devices and safety facilities can improve exact control for devices and deal quickly with an emergency so as to improve rolling stock safety and operational efficiency.

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