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Comparison of Sleep Indices between Both Wrist Actigraphies and Nocturnal Polysomnography (양측 손목에 착용한 Actigraphy와 야간수면다원검사 간의 수면지수 비교)

  • Shin, Byung-Hak;Park, Doo-Heum;Lee, Hyun-Kwon;Yu, Jae-Hak;Ryu, Seung-Ho;Ha, Ji-Hyeon;Shin, Hyeon-Sil;Hong, Seok-Chan
    • Sleep Medicine and Psychophysiology
    • /
    • v.14 no.1
    • /
    • pp.20-25
    • /
    • 2007
  • The present study compared the actigraphic indices between both wrist actigraphies (WATGs), and the sleep estimates between each WATG and nocturnal polysomnography (NPSG) to assess their differences and consistencies. We studied 22 right-handed subjects (mean age $43.9{\pm}13.3\;years$, M:F=14:8) with untreated primary sleep disorders (primary insomnia=8, simple snorer=2, obstructive sleep apnea=12) undergone by overnight both WATGs and NPSG, simultaneously. Comparison and correlation were analyzed between right and left wrist actigraphic data. In the sleep estimates of both WATGs and NPSG, each WATG was compared and correlated with NPSG in sleep period time (SPT), total sleep time (TST), sleep latency (SL), sleep efficiency (SE) and wake time (WT). Sleep indices between both WATGs showed significant positive correlations with no correlations in SL and fragmentation index (FI). There were no differences in sleep indices between both WATGs. SPTs of both WATGs, SL of left WATG, and TST of right WATG showed positively significant correlations, and SE of right WATG did negatively significant correlation in sleep indices between each WATG and NPSG. As each WATG was compared to PSG, SPTs of both WATGs and WT of right WATG were decreased, and TST and SE of right WATG and SL of left WATG were increased. Inconsistent SL and FI between both WATGs indicate that the activities between both WATGs can differentially happen during wake or arousal. Inconsistent sleep estimates between each WATG and NPSG may indicate the limited usefulness in measuring and analyzing one-night sleep by using WATG.

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