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A Case of Schistosomus Reflexus of Holstein Calf in Korea (젖소 송아지에서 반전성열체(schistosomus reflexus) 1례)

  • Hur Tai-young;Kang Seong-jin;Choe Chang-yong;Jung Young-Hun;Cho Yong-il;Son Dong-su;Ryu Il-Sun;Kim Hyeon-shup;Suh Guk-hyun
    • Journal of Veterinary Clinics
    • /
    • v.22 no.4
    • /
    • pp.408-411
    • /
    • 2005
  • Schistosomus reflexus is the most common monstrosity found in cases of bovine dystocia and it occurs mostly in cattle. Caesarian section performed and retracted abnormal foetus from dystocia in Holstein cow. It was the first observed schistosomus reflexus Holstein calf in Korea. The body and chest walls were bent laterally and dorsally leaving the thoracic and abdominal viscera exposed. Clefts of the sternum from part of the defect in which there is, simultaneously, lordosis, dorsal reflection of the ribs and complete eventration of viscera, severe ventral curvature of the spinal column, non-union of the pelvic symphysis and dorsal reflection of the pelvic bones with the occiput of the head lying near the sacrum. The limbs are usually ankylosed. The liver was abnormal in shape and cystic in nature. The lung was smaller and thymus were bigger than those of the normal calf, The ruminant stomach was normal, however, abomasum distended with amnionic fluid. The other organ including heart, spleen and internal organ have normal shape.

Schistosomus reflexus in Korean native calf (한우 송아지의 반전성열체)

  • Kim, Chong-sup;Huh, Chan-kwen;Lee, Jong-hwan;Lee, Jong-han
    • Korean Journal of Veterinary Research
    • /
    • v.36 no.2
    • /
    • pp.289-296
    • /
    • 1996
  • A case of schistosomus reflexes in Korean native female calf was observed macroscopically and radiographically. The results were summarized as follows. 1. The abdominal visceral organs were exposed. 2. The vertebral column bent laterally to the left, and the sacrum approached to the cranium by reflected caudal lumber vertebrae, presenting S-shaped lateral twisting of the vertebrae. 3. The right ribs reflected laterally and dorso-cranially from the 7th rib to 13th rib. The left ribs bent caudally from 8th rib to 13th rib. 4. The length of rudimentary 6th right rib was one half of normal size and the 7th right rib was one third. 5. The sternum was bifid split from the fourth sternebra through the xyphoid cartilage. 6. The diaphragm was intact and thoracic cavity was reduced in size. The lung and heart severely deformed in shape and size. 7. The liver markedly deformed in shape and thickness. 8. The pelvic cavity was reduced in size by compression laterally to the left. 9. The uterus horn, ovary, urinary bladder, and urethra were severely deformed in the shape and position.

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