• Title, Summary, Keyword: Sobi-eum(Xiaofei-yin)

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The Effects of Sobi-eum(Xiaofei-yin) Mesotherapy on Abdominal Fat Distribution (소비음을 이용한 경피침주요법이 복부비만에 미치는 영향에 대한 임상연구)

  • Lee, A-Ra;Cho, Yu-Jung;Jung, Won-Suk;Yang, Yu-Jung;Song, Mi-Yeon
    • Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation
    • /
    • v.19 no.2
    • /
    • pp.261-273
    • /
    • 2009
  • Objectives : This study was performed to figure out the effects of herbal mesotherapy on abdominal fat in obese women. Methods : Forty obese women those who were diagnosed abdominal obesity had been recruited during February, 2008. They were randomly assigned experimental or control group under block-randomization. Experimental group were treated with Sobi-eum(Xiaofei-yin) injection during 6 weeks (2 times a week) and placebo group were treated with normal saline injection under same procedures. Anthropometry, body impedance analysis, fat computed tomography, blood test, and questionnaires had been administered before and after the treatment. Results : Four subjects were dropped out (voluntary give up), so 18 in experimental group and 18 in placebo group were evaluated. There were significant changes after treatments in both groups. Although no significant differences have been found in the result of anthropometry, body impedance analysis and fat computed tomography between two groups, in the experimental group, the changes of total fat area had a highly significant relationship with all part of abdominal fat. While the placebo group had highly significant relationships with subcutaneous fat area, superficial and deep subcutaneous fat area but not with visceral fat area. Conclusions : Compaired with saline group, herbal mesotheraphy Sobi-eum(Xiaofei-yin) is effective in reduction of visceral fat after adjusting TFA.