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Analysis of Question and Sentence in High Environmental Science Textbook (고등학교 환경과학 교과서의 질문과 문장 내용 분석)

  • Lee, Bong-Hun;Moon, Seong-Bae;Moon, Jung-Dae
    • Journal of Environmental Science International
    • /
    • v.6 no.3
    • /
    • pp.213-218
    • /
    • 1997
  • The question style In high school enoronmental science textbook was examined in terms of the placement, frequency, and type of question, and then analyzed the kind of scientific Inquiry process elicited by the question In the topic of textbook using the Tektbook guestioning Strategy Assessment Instrument (TQSAI). The average number of question per topic was only 0.6. The number of all Question In the high school enororunental science textbook was very little : the number of non-experiential Question was 8 and that of experiential one was 3. The total number of sentence was 1,236 and the ratio of the number of Question to that of sentence was 0.9% . The frequency of non-experlential question was higher than that of experiential one. In action part of the textbook, there were more kinds of Question styles than In the matin part.

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