• Title, Summary, Keyword: Tangguisusangami-tang(dangguixusanjiawei-tang)

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Neuroprotective Effects of Neutral Pharmacopuncture for Blood Stasis and Tangguisusangami-tang(dangguixusanjiawei-tang ) in the Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Rats (중성어혈(中性瘀血) 약침(藥鍼)과 당귀수산가미탕(當歸鬚散加味湯)이 외상성 뇌손상 흰쥐의 신경보호에 미치는 영향)

  • Jong, Il-Moon;Choi, Jin-Bong
    • Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation
    • /
    • v.20 no.1
    • /
    • pp.13-26
    • /
    • 2010
  • Objectives : This study was designed to evaluate neuroprotective effects of Neutral Pharmacopuncture for Blood Stasis(NPBS) into SP10 and Tangguisusangami-tang (dangguixusanjiawei-tang)(TGT) in the experimental Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)rats. Methods : Male rats were divided into 4 groups. Group I was no treatment after TBI. Group II was treatment with NPBS into SP10 after TBI. Group III was treatment with TGT after TBI. Group IV was NPBS into SP10 and TGT after TBI. The author carried out neurological motor behavioral, histological assessment test. Results : 1. In neurological motor behavior tests, motor and cognitive function recovery was significantly increased in the Group II, III, IV. Also Group IV was increased as compared with Group II, III. 2. In BAX expression, according to priority Group IV, III, II, I were decresed in 7 and 14 days later. Especially Group IV was significantly decreased in 14 days later. 3. In BCL-2 expression, Group IV was increased slightly in 7 days later. Most incresed expression was experimented in the Group IV in 14 days later. 4. In TUNEL expression, IV was decreased as compared with each Group I, II, III in 7 days later. Group IV, III were decreased as compared with each Group I, II, III in 14 days later. Conclusions : According to the results, NPBS and TGT can inhibit apoptosis of cells after TBI in rats by contol of BAX and BCL-2, TUNEL expression. And also can help neurological motor behavioral function.