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Convergent Approaches to Dance as a Discipline (무용학의 융복합적 접근)

  • Tae, Hyae-Shin;Park, Myung-Sook
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.12 no.12
    • /
    • pp.605-615
    • /
    • 2012
  • Dance studies inherently have a nature of convergence and integration. Meanwhile, dance studies have extended their realm by investigating dance phenomena from many perspectives which art theories cannot explain. However, the previous and current dance studies are inadequate to explain a confluence society which is characterized as techuim, Interaction, freedom and openness according to the digital revolution. Hence, a result of research trend in domestic dance studies, it is found that dance studies have been studied in four perspectives since the early 2000s: first, a triggering the various studiesa of the convergent and integrative dance; second, an attempt to the convergent and integrative program development research; third, the vitalization of the convergent research on dance digital contents; and fourth, a research on the convergent dance art phenomena. These researches have played an important role in boosting a change in the structure and realm expansion of dance studies that are interdisciplinary research enabling a holistic approach to the integration and convergence between scientific technique, skills of dance art and other studies. However, it should be acknowledged that one problem is the current research development plan or/and research program have very little feasibility and practicality except an interdisciplinary research on the dance digital contents. Therefore, it is suggested for the development of dance studies in the age of convergence as follows: first, a dance convergent study integrated in skills and theories of dance and science that would pave the way for an academic foundation leading to a new humanistic model in the age of convergent; and second, a need for a paradigm shift that theories should be deployed in the scene on a commercial scale in order to produce effectiveness of the interdisciplinary and integrative research on dance studies by turning into a behavioristic research phase. third, it needs to changeover from large scale of convergent performance into small scale of convergent performance based on original idea for accumulation of teachnique research and promotion of dance convergent performance.