• Title, Summary, Keyword: Velopharyngeal difficiency

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Gender Differences in Nasalance Scores in Korean Speaking Adults (비음측정기를 이용한 한국어를 사용하는 정상 성인에서 성별에 따른 비음도의 차이에 관한 연구)

  • Kwon, Ho-Beom;Choi, Song-Un;Chang, Seok-Woo;Lee, Seok-Hyoung
    • Journal of Dental Rehabilitation and Applied Science
    • /
    • v.24 no.1
    • /
    • pp.19-27
    • /
    • 2008
  • The purpose of this study was to obtain normative nasalance scores for adult subjects speaking the Korean language and to determine whether significantly different scores exist for female and male speakers. Mean nasalance scores were obtained for normal speaking Korean adults while they are reading vowels, consonants, no nasal sentence, mild nasal sentence, and high nasal sentence. Thirty adults who had lived in Seoul area with normal articulation, resonance, and voice were included. Among the subjects 15 were male aged 24-38 years and 15 were female aged 19-33. Nasometer data were collected and analyzed using the Kay Nasometer 6400. Nasalance scores were evaluated to investigate the effect of gender by using statistical tests. Nasalance data showed that nasalance values varied accroding to speech stimuli, and there was no significant difference in nasalance scores between male and female speakers in most of the language samples.