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Response of the Resistant Biotype of Echinochloa oryzoides to ACCase and ALS inhibitors, and Effect of Alternative Herbicides (ACCase 및 ALS 저해 제초제들에 대한 저항성 강피의 반응과 대체약제들의 효과)

  • Park, Tae-Seon;Ku, Bon-Il;Kang, Sin-Koo;Choi, Min-Kyu;Park, Hong-Kyu;Lee, Kyong-Bo;Ko, Jae-Kwon
    • Korean Journal of Weed Science
    • /
    • v.30 no.3
    • /
    • pp.291-299
    • /
    • 2010
  • Cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam, known for respective acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase) and acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor, have been widely using as a post-emergence foliar application for many years in wet-seeded rice field in Korea. Since 2009, control of Echinochloa oryzoides with cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam was no longer satisfactory. Greenhouse and experiment in rice field were conducted to confirm E. oryzoides resistance to ACCase and ALS inhibitors and to compare herbicide treatments for control of the resistant E. oryzoides to ACCase and ALS inhibitors. Three resistant E. oryzoides to ACCase and ALS inhibitors accessions were tested for levels of resistance to cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam, base on survival rate. Iksan and Kimje accessions were not any affected to the survival by treatment with recommended doses of two herbicides tested. Buan accession displayed an intermediate response of 62 and 72% survival at recommended doses of cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam, respectively. Survival rates to herbicides mixed with ACCase and ALS inhibitors at 3.5 leaf stage of E. oryzoides was over 80%. Benzobicyclon+fentrazamide+bensulfuron SC, benzobicyclon+mefenacet+bensulfuron SC, benzobicyclone +cafenstrole+pyrazosulfuron-ethyl GR controlled effectively by 2 leaf stage of resistant E. oryzoides to ACCase and ALS inhibitors. In the field experiment, single treatment of benzobicyclon+ fentrazamide+bensulfuron SC and benzobicyclon+mefenacet+bensulfuron SC failed to control E. oryzoides, but squential treatment of benzobicyclon+thiobencarb SE and benzobicyclon+ mefenacet+ bensulfuron SC controlled effectively it in rice infant seedling culture with machine. Our results suggest that resistant E. oryzoides to ACCase and ALS inhibitors had not developed multiple resistance to herbicides with different modes of action. In particular, cafenstrole, fentrazamide, mefenacet were effective control measures.