• Title/Summary/Keyword: finline-to-microstrip transitions

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A Coaxial Waveguide-based Spatial Combiner Using Finline-to-Microstrip Transitions (핀라인-마이크로스트립 변환을 이용한 동축선로 도파관 형태의 공간 결합기)

  • Kim, Bo-Ki;Lee, Su-Hyun;Kim, Hyoung-Jong;Shin, Suk-Woo;Kim, Sang-Hoon;Kim, Jae-Duk;Choi, Jin-Joo;Kim, Seon-Joo
    • The Journal of The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems
    • /
    • v.10 no.5
    • /
    • pp.79-86
    • /
    • 2011
  • In this paper, a S-band coaxial waveguide-based spatial combiner is proposed. The proposed combiner consists of coaxial waveguide, impedance transformer, and finline-to-microstrip transformer. The coaxial waveguide is used as the host of the combining circuits for higher output power and better uniformity by equally distributing the input power to each element. The finline-to-microstrip transformer is designed by using antipodal antenna, and obtained low reflection coefficient by applying the small reflection theorem. The measurement results show the coaxial waveguide combiner has a maximum combining efficiency of 95%.