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Monitoring of Aluminium Phosphide Residues in Wheat and Wheat Flour (밀과 밀가루 중 알루미늄포스파이드 잔류량 모니터링)

  • Choi, Yong-Hoon;Yoon, Sang-Hyeon;Hong, Hye-Mi;Kang, Yun-Sook;Chae, Kab-Ryong;Lee, Jong-Ok
    • Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology
    • /
    • v.37 no.4
    • /
    • pp.532-536
    • /
    • 2005
  • GC-NPD analysis was performed on residues of aluminium phosphide in raw wheat and wheat products by trapping gaseous phosphine in the headspace of vessel. In Australian wheat, over 95% of samples were detected below 1 ppb, considered as safe level, whereas in American wheat, about 70% of 58 samples were detected within 1-10 ppb with 4 showing over 10 ppb. About 14-22% phosphine residues of raw wheat were retained after milling process. Wheat samples of same origin showed significant varying levels of phosphine.