• Title, Summary, Keyword: modal analysis(모딜해석)

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Design and Evaluation of An Electromagnetic Driven Actuator for Near-field Optical Recording System (근접장 광기록 시스템용 전자기구동 액추에이터의 설계 및 평가)

  • 김석중;이용훈;이철우;서중언
    • Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers A
    • /
    • v.24 no.11
    • /
    • pp.2732-2741
    • /
    • 2000
  • Combination of magnetic recording technology and optical recording technology such as Near Field Optical Recording is watched recently. In order to accomplish this technology, the development of an electromagnetic driven mm-sized mirror shifting laser beam in track direction have to needed. In Near Field Optical Recording System, shifting laser beam in track direction mean as fine tracking and means as coarse tracking. Therefore in Near Field Optical Recording, 2-stage actuator is composed of servo controller in reading or recording information on disc layer. In our research, through design and simulation process of driven mm-sized mirror, we arrange systematically design process of driven mm-sized mirror having good frequency transfer characteristics. Design and simulation processes included modal analysis of spring, calculation of magnetic moment according to the number of turns and geometric configuration of coil and magnetic circuit analysis meaning that calculation of magnetic flux density in air gap of magnetic circuit. After that we design and make parts of driven mm-sized mirror, assemble and evaluate our electriomagnetic driven mm-sized mirror. we compared design values with actual characteristic values and present solution scheme. Through these processes we performed manufacturing of an electromagnetic driven mm-sized mirror having good frequency-domain characteristics and high sensitivity characteristics.