• Title/Summary/Keyword: motion adaptive filter

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Motion Adaptive Temporal-Spatial Noise Reduction Scheme with Separated Pre- and Post-Spatial Filter (분리된 전처리 및 후처리 광간영역 필터를 가진 움직임 적응적 시공간영역 잡음 제거 기법)

  • Kim, Sung-Deuk;Lim, Kyoung-Won
    • Journal of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea SP
    • /
    • v.46 no.5
    • /
    • pp.40-47
    • /
    • 2009
  • A motion adaptive video noise reduction scheme is proposed by cascading a temporal filter and a spatial filter. After a noise-robust motion detection is performed with a pre-spatial filter, the strength of the motion adaptive temporal filter is controlled by the amount of temporal movement. In order to fully utilize the temporal correlation of video signal, noisy input image is processed first by the temporal filter, therefore, image details of temporally stationary region are quite well preserved while undesired noises are suppressed. In contrast to the pre-spatial filter used for the robust motion detection, the cascaded post-spatial filter removes the remained noises by considering the strength of the temporal filter and the spatial self-similarity search results obtained from the pre-spatial filter.