• Title, Summary, Keyword: pedagogical phenomenology

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The Limits and Problems of 'Pedagogical Phenomenology' for Qualitative Research (질적 연구를 위한 '교육학적 현상학'의 한계와 문제)

  • Bae, Sang-sik
    • Journal of Korean Philosophical Society
    • /
    • v.129
    • /
    • pp.83-109
    • /
    • 2014
  • The aim of this study is to examine the limits and problems of researchers that appear in the papers of applied qualitative research by phenomenological methods. Using phenomenological methods in the field of Pedagogy, pedagogical phenomenology is not to approach pedagogical issues that are closely related to human life through scientism or positivism, but to explain them in things themselves. The problem, however, is that cases misunderstood and distorted in the essential meaning of phenomenology are happening as domestic researchers are applying pure phenomenology(the philosophical phenomenology) to the field of phenomenology of practice(the pedagogical phenomenology). Especially, these researchers show some errors caused by lack of basic understanding about research logic and research techniques in qualitative research methodology. Thus if a researcher carry out a qualitative study by using phenomenological methods, she or he needs insights in analysing and interpreting the essence of the various phenomena appearing from the participants by comparing in with her or his own lives.