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Comparison of Environmental Education Contents in Science Textbook between Korea and Illinois State in USA - Focused on Environmental Education Contents of 3rd~6th Grades - (미국 일리노이주와 한국의 과학교과서에 나타난 환경교육 내용 비교 분석 - 3~6학년 환경교육 내용을 중심으로 -)

  • Park, Heonwoo
    • Journal of Korean Elementary Science Education
    • /
    • v.33 no.3
    • /
    • pp.453-463
    • /
    • 2014
  • Environmental education contents in science textbooks of South Korea and the United States were compared and analyzed in order to find how to develop environmental education in elementary science education. McGraw-Hill science textbooks for third to sixth grade and science textbooks of Korea based on the 2009 Revised National Curriculum and the 2007 Revised National Curriculum were analyzed and compared. The categories were educational goals, kinds of contents, distributions of contents and tense. The result showed that the environmental education goals in science textbook of Korea and United States were biased to knowledge area. The educational contents of the United States was higher 2.5 times then Korea and distributed in all areas. In quantitative distributions in Korea were biased some special areas. Tense of educational contents were almost present. Attitudes and recognition of students varies gradually over a long period of time, the contents of environmental education will be useful "evenly distributed" for all areas and school year.