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Development of assay method for the activities of new compounds, and the effect of several fungicides against spore germination, adhesion, and myceial growth of Colletotrichum sp. causing red pepper anthracnose (고추 탄저병균의 포자 발아와 부착, 균사 생장에 미치는 화합물의 활성 검정법 확립 및 살균제의 효과)

  • Kim, Jae-Jeung;Kim, Joon-Tae;Park, Sung-Woo;Park, Eun-Suk;Kim, Heung-Tae
    • The Korean Journal of Pesticide Science
    • /
    • v.7 no.3
    • /
    • pp.159-168
    • /
    • 2003
  • With microtiter plate, the assay method was developed for detecting the fungicidal activity of new compounds against spore germination, spore adhesion and mycelial growth of Colletotrichum sp. JC24 cal1Sing red pepper anthracnose. Also, the effects of some commercialized fungicides on fungal development like above mentioned were investigated by measuring the optical density of mycelia grown into wells of microtiter plate. For the standardization of assay method, some factors, such as the treatment of MTT and/or propanol, inodulum density and incubation period, affecting on mycelial optical density were investigated. For obtaining precise and consistent mycelial optical density, it was necessary the treatment of MTT for 12 hrs and propanol for 1 hr. inoculum density adjusted to $1\times10^5$ spores/mL and incubation period for 36 hrs at $25^{\circ}C$. For fungicidal activities, 6 protective fungicides, 6 ones inhibiting sterol biosynthesis, and one inhibiting respiration were used in this study. While mancozeb, chlorothalonil and dithianon among 6 protective fungicides inhibited strongly spore germination, adhesion, and mycelial growth at $6.25{\mu}g/mL$, propineb, iminoctadine and fluazinam inhibited intermediately spore germination and mycelial growth at $100{\mu}g/mL$. Washing above 3 fungicides with new PD broth, their activity against spore adhesion decreased. With hexaconazole, tebuconazole and myclobutanil, the tendency of the activity against fungal differentiation of the early infection stage was similar to the latter group of protective fungicides, showing the decrease of the inhibitory activity against spore adhesion by washing 2 hrs after incubation. However, kresoxim-methyl inhibited spore adhesion distinctly, depending on the applied concentrations. Based on these results, it might be able to assess the fungicidal activity of many compounds against spore germination, adhesion and mycelial growth by the use of microtiter plate in vitro. Using the assay developed in this report, it was possible to investigate the inhibitory activity of some commercialized fungicides, too.

Diffusion Characteristics of Ecklonia cava Spores around Marine Forest Reefs (해중림초 주변의 감태 포자확산 특성)

  • Kim, Yong-Kwan;Lee, Jin-Yeong;Kwak, Ihn-Sil;Kim, Jong-Kyu
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety
    • /
    • v.26 no.1
    • /
    • pp.93-102
    • /
    • 2020
  • This study investigated the dif usion characteristics of Ecklonia cava spores around marine forest reefs. For this purpose, a numerical analysis was conducted using field observations in the target area and an EFDC model. Based on the results of field observations and the EFDC model, Flow-3D was performed on three types of marine forest reefs, mamely triangular pyramid reef, double-dome reef, and ribbed reef, to monitor the movement direction and maximum movement distance for E. cava spores. As a result, the equilaterally triangular pyramid reef and double-domed reef were found to have a maximum settlement of spores of 10 m in the northwestern direction and 6 m in the western direction. The ribbed reef had a maximum settlement of spores at 4m. These results show that consideration of the diffusion characteristics of E. cava spores when the seaweeds are installed can increase the effectiveness of the algae as substrate of adhesion.