A Study on thin relief phase holographic grating using photoresist.

Photoresist을 이용한 Thin relief 위상형 홀로그램 격자에 관한 연구.

  • Shin, K.Y. (Dept. of Electronics Yonsei Univ.) ;
  • Choi, D.H. (Dept. of Electronics Yonsei Univ.) ;
  • Kim, N. (Dept. of Electronics Yonsei Univ.) ;
  • Park, H.K. (Dept. of Electronics Yonsei Univ.)
  • 신광용 (연세대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 최도형 (연세대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 김남 (연세대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 박한규 (연세대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 1987.07.03


There are various holographic recording materials, such as Dichromated Gelatin, Silver Halide, Thermoplastic, Photoresist. In this paper especially, we used Photoresist to make the phase holographic grating. Deep-groove diffractive grating formed in relatively thin holographic recording material is to express high diffraction efficiency. Phase holographic grating recorded In photoresist can be used very practical because it has the high diffraction efficiency, and it is possible to make a replication easily. So, it has the merit in recording the optical holographic grating than any other materials.