A field trial of helically wrapping fiber optic cable onto existing 154KV Phase conductor.

전력선을 이용한 광케이블 현장 실증 시험

  • Shin, Keon-Hak (Research center, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)) ;
  • Lee, Won-Bin (Research center, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)) ;
  • Cho, Hong-Keun (Research center, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO))
  • Published : 1987.11.20


Fiber optics provide a solution to the problems at interference, capacity and reliability in communication. Approximately 20 kilometera of a six-fiber, multimode, longwave($1.3{\mu}m$), graded index silica glass fiber optic cable was helically wrapped around a phase conductor at a Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO) 154KV transmission line. This paper presents an economic comparison of several fiber optic cable installation alternative and discusses the characteristics at the helically wrapped fiber cable, as well as the entire installation, including high voltage phase-to-ground (PTG) end termination, and splicing. The fiber link was installed for the field trial and practical use with overhead composite optical fiber cable which installation performed a few years earlier some other location and is intended to accommodate not only telephone but also supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA), protective relaying, and telemetry functions.