An Axiomatic model of the multi-stage production process

다단계 생산공정에 대한 공리모델

  • 안웅 (서경대학교 산업공학과)
  • Published : 1993.10.01


Modeling the production process is a necessary and essential aspect of the production planning. This paper introduces a theoretical model of the multi-stage production process. A multi-stage production process is regarded as a network of interrelated production activities which use system exogenous inputs of goods in production and the intermediate products transfers between activities to produce final products. Our model is characterized by (1) a few of the production-related assumptions and (2) two types of elements "goods and activities" that are represented in terms of the network terminology. This model is different from the another multi-stage production models, so-called production network models in relation to the production-theoretical concept. It is not based on the concept of the production correspondence and the activity production functions, but the technology model of Koopmans. Koopmans.