Investigations about 5 Clinical Cases with Bexel-IRINA Iridoscopy

자동홍체진단기에 의한 임상 진단 사례 5건 고찰

  • Published : 1997.11.28


This study was purposed to observe the advantages obtained from iridodiagnostics and automatic iridoscope or oriental medical doctors. In order to study the iridodiagnostics, 5 case-researches were made as the first step. The results were obtained as follows. 1. First of all, the formation of darkening area must be paid attentionally with toxic spot and lacunain relation to the interpretation of present illness. 2. The theoretical concepts about structure in iridodiagnostics and oriental medicine were same. 3. The constitutional type of iridodiagnostics played a important role in concluding the nature and background of symptoms. 4. Most of iris signs reflected the histological changes of body structure equally, and successive study about the difference of visceral scheme between iridology and Oriental Medicine would be needed in the future.