A Design of Multi-Field User Interface for Simulated Breeding

  • Unemi, Tastsuo (Dept. of Information System Science, Soka University)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


This paper describes a design of graphical user interface for a simulated breeding tool with multifield. The term field is used here as a population of visualized individuals that are candidates of selection. Multi-field interface enables the user to breed his/her favorite phenotypes by selection independently in each field, and he/she can copy arbitrary individual into another field. As known on genetic algorithms, a small population likely leads to premature convergence trapped by a local optimum, and migration among plural populations is useful to escape from local optimum. The multi-field user interface provides easy implementation of migration and wider diversity. We show the usefulness of multi-field user interface through an example of a breeding system of 2D CG images.