A Study on Roll Characteristics of Railway Vehicle

철도차량 롤 특성에 대한 고찰

  • 김필환 (대우중공업주식회사, 철차연구소)
  • Published : 1998.11.01


The roll characteristic of railway vehicle is an important factor that affects the roll-over of vehicle and lateral ride comfort of passenger. Generally the roll characteristics of railway vehicle is defined by the term of roll-coefficient, s, which represents the ratio of incline or carbody to that of rail-cant. The limit values of roll coefficient recommended in UIC Bre 0.4 for coach without pantograph and 0.15 for vehicle with pantograph. The roll coefficient can be calculated by VAMPIRE that is the well-known commercial software for analysis of dynamic behavior of railway vehicle. The value of roll coefficient is effected by height of gravity center of carbody, stiffness of primary and secondary suspension and etc. The calculated roll-coefficient for electric locomotive and passenger coach is 0.12 and 0.77 respectively, The additional equipment such as anti-roll bar is considered in order to decrease roll-coefficient of passenger coach. In relation to roll characteristics, the analysis for roll-over due to wind is a1so performed. The results show that roll-characteristics affect the roll-over of vehicle.