A Study on the Long-term Mechanical Properties Under Static and Cyclic State of Composite Insulators for Transmission Lines

송전용 고분자 애자의 정적 및 동적인 상태에서 장기 기계적 특성 연구

  • Published : 1998.11.28


The extensive use of composite insulators for transmission lines can ultimately be justified only on long-term qualification tests. The actual load working on the insulator in the field is not static load but cyclic load. So in this paper, we discussed an examination of aging degradation by mechanical performance of composite insulators under static tension load and cyclic tension load. and also described useful approaches for analyzing their long term performance so as to develop reliable composite insulators. The static and cyclic tension load-time test data were examined by Weibull distribution for their capability of presuming long term performance. It was found that cyclic tension loads were more severe than static tension loads. The results also indicate that it may be relevant for an user to select composite insulators on basis of their performance under cyclic tension loads than static tension loads.