Transverse Concinement and Slab Effect on Shear Behavior of Beam-Column Connection

보-기둥 접합부의 전단거동에 대한 슬래브 및 횡구속 영향

  • 장극관 (서울산업대학교 건축공학과) ;
  • 서대원 (서울산업대학교 건축공학과) ;
  • 방세용 (서울산업대학교 건추공학과)
  • Published : 1999.10.01


This study was intended to investigate the cyclic behavior of high strength concrete beam-column connection. Four assemblies were designed 2/3 scale beam-column-slab joint and tested. The obtained results are follows. 1) The transverse beams increase the shear resistance and ductility of joint, 2) The slab was contributed to increase of the flexural capacity of the beam, but was not contributed to increase the joint ductility under lateral loads.