Identification of Volterra Kernels of Nonlinear System Having Backlash Type Nonlinearity

  • Rong, Li (Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University) ;
  • Kashiwagi, H. (Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University) ;
  • Harada, H. (Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University)
  • 발행 : 1999.10.01


The authors have recently developed a new method for identification of Volterra kernels of nonlinear systems by use of pseudorandom M-sequence and correlation technique. And it is shown that nonlinear systems which can be expressed by Volterra series expansion are well identified by use of this method. However, there exist many nonlinear systems which can not be expressed by Volterra series mathematically. A nonlinear system having backlash type nonliear element is one of those systems, since backlash type nonlinear element has multi-valued function between its input and output. Since Volterra kernel expression of nonlinear system is one of the most useful representations of non-linear dynamical systems, it is of interest how the method of Volterra kernel identification can be ar plied to such backlash type nonlinear system. The authors have investigated the effect of application of Volterra kernel identification to those non-linear systems which, accurately speaking, is difficult to express by use of Volterra kernel expression. A pseudorandom M-sequence is applied to a nonlinear backlash-type system, and the crosscorrelation function is measured and Volterra kernels are obtained. The comparison of actual output and the estimated output by use of measured Volterra kernels show that we can still use Volterra kernel representation for those backlash-type nonlinear systems.