Parameter Calibration o fthe Nonlinear Muskingum Model using Harmony Search

  • Published : 2000.05.01


A newly developed heuristic algorithm, Harmony Search, is applied to the parameter calibration problem of the nonlinear Muskingum model. The Harmony Search could, mimicking the improvisation of music players, find better parameter values for in the nonlinear Muskingum model than five other methods including another heuristic method, genetic algorithm, in the aspect of SSQ (the sum of the square of the deviations between the observed and routed outflows) as well as in the aspects of SAD (the sum of the absolute value of the deviations), DPO (deviations of peak of routed and actual flows) and DPOT (deviations of peak time of rented and actual outflow). Harmony Search also has the advantage that it does not require the process of assuming the initial values of design parameters. The sensitivity analysis of Harmony Memory Considering Rate showed that relatively large values of Harmony Memory Considering Rate makes the Harmony Search converse to a better solution.