Local Response Recovery for Multilayered Composite Panels using Mesh Superposition

유한요소격자중첩을 이용한 복합재료평판의 변위 및 응력의 복원

  • 박진우 (서울대학교 항공우주공학과) ;
  • 김용협 (서울대학교 항공우주공학과)
  • Published : 2000.04.01


In this paper, an effective procedure is presented for the local recovery of displacements and stresses in multilayered composite panels, which incorporate the local refinement using mesh superposition. The mesh superposition method is used to refine the global coarse mesh by superimposing refined mesh to the localized zone of interest without transition zones. The finite element model used is a solid element based on the Hellinger-Reissner variational principle. The a posteriori computation of the through-the-thickness distributions of displacements and stresses is achieved using a predictor-corrector procedure. The procedure utilizes the superconvergent stresses and nodal displacements of the finite element patch. The element patch is generated by locally superimposing a refined local mesh to the coarse global mesh.