Fuzzy multi-objective optimization of the laminated composite beam

복합재 적층 보의 퍼지 다목적 최적설계

  • Published : 2000.04.01


In this article, we presents multi-objective design optimization of laminated composite beam using Fuzzy programming method. At first, the two design objectives are minimizing the structural weight and maximizing the buckling load respectively. Fuzzy multi-optimization problem can be formulated based on results of single optimizations. Due to different relative importance of design objectives, membership functions are constructed by adding exponential parameters for different objective's weights. Finite element analysis of composite beam for buckling behavior are carried by Natural mode method proposed by J.Argyris and computational time of analysis can be reduced. With this scheme, a designer can conveniently obtain a compromise optimal solution of a multi-objective optimization problem only by providing some exponential parameters corresponding to the importance of the objective functions.