Reheating Process of Particulates Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites for Thixoforming

Thixoforming을 위한 입자강화형 금속복합재료의 Reheating 공정

  • Published : 2000.04.01


A both mixing process of electro-magnetic stirring and mechanical process technique were used to fabricate particulate metal matrix composites(PMMCs) for variation of particle size. The PMMCs were tested for their tensile test for with and without heat treatment with T6. PMMCs fabrication processing conditions for both electrical and mechanical process are also suggested. In order to thixoforming of PMMCs, fabricated billet are reheated by using the optimal coil designed as a function of length between PMMC billet and coil surface, coil diameter and billet length. The effect of reinforcement distribution on billet temperature variation are investigated with calculated solid fraction theory proposed as a function of matrix alloy and volume fraction of reinforcement.