Low-velocity Impact Damage of a Thick Pressure vessel

복합재료 만든 두꺼운 압력용기의 저속충격에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.11.01


Low-velocity impact damage of a thick pressure vessel by composite materials was studied using the modified Herzian contact radius theory. Impactors of various masses and various tup shapes were dropped freely in the range of 20m to 200mm height. With acceleration gage and strain gage installed on the impactor, impact force and acceleration and Contact radius were measured. After a test, the samples were radiographed to scan the state of damage. Compared with hemispherical tup of 12.7mm diameter, the contact radius of hemispherical tup of 25.4mm diameter was bigger. And the experimental data and the theoretical data was different due to the mechanical properties difference. The acceleration value was changed linearly according to the height.